Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I NEVER in a million years thought I would have a blog.
Although, opening up my own cookie company was a shocker to me too. Sometimes I get these ideas and act so fast I do not have time to doubt myself or think of the risks, logistics, etc. I just get in go mode and figure it out. That is my motto most of the time... "I'll just figure it out." Thankfully, most of the time, I do! I started this company back in January and I have spent everyday since then "figuring it out". I love it! I love the flexibility it gives me. I love the feeling of pride when someone asks me what I do and I say "I own a cookie company". Call me crazy, but that is cool. It can get nuts sometimes and I tend to overbook myself but I am slowly working out the kinks. I think I will use this blog to showcase all my new cookies, let my customers, friends and family know all the latest and greatest goings on with my company and last but not least give everyone a little insight into how a new company can drive you slightly crazy and over the edge some days.

Keep coming back to see if I can manage to turn sugarcoated cookies into everything I dreamed of... without losing my mind.

Oh, here is a cookie pic too.