Monday, June 27, 2011

I have accepted it...

I am the worst blogger EVER!! I know it, I have accepted it and all I can do is keep on trying. HA!!

So, June has been super busy around here. Cookies galore of course, but it also happens to be my birthday month, my daughters birthday month and we threw in a week long vacation too. If you know me, you know that I LOVE birthdays. I think it is the only day of the year that is all about you. I think that the people that love you should make it special for you and that definitely means a PARTY!!! I had one, just like I have one every year. We had food, cake, friends and it was great. My daughter had a party too and I went crazy trying to make it special for her. She decided that she wanted a pool party this year. She learned how to swim this summer and has been swimming,diving, and otherwise becoming a regular fish. The pool party made sense. So I had invites made up and that fell through. It was a blessing because I found the most amazing invites at Hobby Lobby and my daughter and I fell in love. They were perfect... little beach bags with a pull out invite that had flip flops and suntan lotions. Everyone loved them. She had 12 little friends come and celebrate with her. We had food, cake, a craft, etc. Like any good mom/party host, I was running around feeding everyone, chatting and making sure everyone had a good time so I have ZERO pics of all that stuff. It was cute though!! Matching serving pieces, bright fun colors, you know the drill. So here are a few pictures of the party, cookies and all the fun we have had this month (ie, the reason I have not blogged in forever)

The invites!!! Do you not just LOVE them?

The water bottle favors: They had their initial on the front and a cute adornment on the back. I loved how they turned out.

The cookie favors - Flip Flops.

The best part of any party... blowing out the candles.

Well, that was her party. She loved every minute of it and felt very special. That was the goal and I can not wait to start planning the next birthday party.

I will have more cookie pictures soon.