Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I have a really great family. They make me laugh, they make me try harder, they sometimes make me yell but mostly they make me feel love like I never thought I could. My daughter thinks that every cookie I make is beautiful but is quick to point out my decorating mistakes. She is sweet but honest. She told her teacher her favorite thing to do with me is bake. I love that. My son has a sweet tooth the size of his head and can smell a cookie from two blocks away. He is the only two year old that uses the word client on a regular basis and can melt my heart when he asks if he can have a cookie or if they are for my "cients". My husband is supportive and the greatest taste tester I could ask for. If you ask him he will tell you that everything I have ever made has been fantastic. If you guys do not like a flavor I make you can blame him... he told me it was FANTASTIC. My husband also loves this new venture because now he never has to search for a gift idea. I have never been a jewelry girl so the go to necklace/ring never worked for me. Now it is baking pans, aprons, and today along with a few other goodies it was a large rolling container with three drawers for all my cookie cutters. I have over 250 cutters and I am still on the hunt for more.
I had a fantastic Mother's Day today with my family that I feel blessed to have. I hope you all enjoyed your day today as well. Happy Mother's Day.

I have been ending my posts with a cookie picture. So, here is the latest farm collection. My favorite is the cow print number 1's.

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